Canerler Textile manufacturing Metallic yarn and glitter powder in Bursa city.And we import and export polyester, silk , linen , polyamid , viskose , viskose flament yarns for selling in Turkey and naibour country of Turkey.



Canerl Start produce Flock Glitter

*Canerler Tekstil now have
have good production capacity

*New web site under construction.

*Canerler, Start new  production ALIMINUM GLITTER
For Plastic industri.

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Production of metallic yarns; M Type yarns can produce 1/34 - 1/50 - 1/69 - 1/100 inch 12 or 24 micron thickness on ABS flanged bobbins or bi-cones.  MX type yarns can produce with same size of M type and spinned with polyamid or polyester yarns. We can produce so much kind of fantasy metallic yarns


All kinds of yarns trade; these come from europan countries and these yarns end of series or rest yarns.Because of them price are cheapest.You can feel free contact with us for these yarns.


We start to produce 0,3 and 0,15 mm flock glitter

We can produce 0,004" - 0,006" - 0,008" - 0,016" hexagonal glitter powders.This glitters made with organic resin coated aluminum metalised polyester raw material.So much brightness, slippery, strong to chemicals, water, solvents, UV .Thickness is 24 micron. So much better coating to surfaces with lowest weight.Save %50 than other glitters.



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22-25 November '07 / Textile Machinery and Yarn Fair - Bursa